Bophut beach

  Bophut beach consists of Fisherman’s Village and the beach west of it.

Fisherman’s Village has a reputation of being the most elegant and sophisticated area of Koh Samui.

It is a well preserved village which exudes authentic island charm and also has a Mediterranean feel due to a design of beachside restaurants and the chosen cuisine that is available.

The main street, which runs parallel to the beach is lined by old wooden Chinese and Thai shop-houses, which are converted into the restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, shops and guesthouses.

Fisherman’s Village is well-known as one of the best places to eat and drink on Koh Samui as it is a home to some very popular with tourists and local people restaurants such as Thai/European restaurants “Krua Bophut”, “Starfish & Coffee“, “Happy Elephant“, “Samui Spice“, “Shades”, “Smile House” restaurant, steak house “Shack”, Italian “Villa Bianka”, “Juzza Pizza” and “Alla Baja”, fusion food “The Pier” and “56” restaurants, “Karma Sutra”, French, Indian, Japanese and many many more ….plus famous bars and pubs such as Billabong, Frog and Gecko, Emerald Irish Pub, Mosquito Bar, Reggie bar, and many more.

Shopping here is more boutique style with better and more exclusive selection of clothes, accessories and jewellery, made in Thailand and imported from Bali, India and Hong Kong. Shops such as Siddhartha and The House especially known in the village for their interesting choice of clothes. There are quite a few small local businesses such as diving shops, Internet cafe, travel agents, pharmacies, massage shops, tattoo shops and minimarkets.


The beach itself in Bophut is not the best for walking as it has a coarse rough sand but good for swimming as the water is quite deep. Bophut suits more families with kids or couples who want a nice and relaxing holiday, great food and shopping.

There are no girlie bars or Go-Go bars in sight, and the atmosphere in a village is very laid back and friendly.

Bophut’s weekly Walking Street on Fridays is very popular event on the island. It’s closed to traffic and every business set up a table in front of their shop/restaurant.

People from all parts of the island come to Fisherman’s Village to try Thai street food, do bargain shopping, listen to the live music and have a great night out



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