Shopping in Koh Samui is not what it used to be just a few years ago. Today the island boasts a few supermarkets and and a new shopping experience altogether. There are the smaller and bigger shops around and one can buy nearly everything (or a local equivalent of some products) that is sold in Europe. Supermarkets like Tasco and Big C offer even more to their shoppers. Both have children’s playground, food courts and numerous boutiques. Tesco adds HomePro, Super Bowling and Major Cineplex to the list, while Big C has Super Sports center with all kinds of sport gear and attire. Nowadays there are plenty of known brands selling their goods in these supermarkets.



Tesco (2)


Most of the shopping is located along the main island transportation artery, Ring road. Slightly different experience is offered by Makro, wholesale giant, that operates on the island as well. One can find products from all over the world being sold there. Right next to Makro, there’s Lucky Cow, a local producer of fine yogurt and other dairy based products which is very popular among the locals.




Another very popular shopping destination is Chaweng shopping strip. The verity of shops is really great there, ranging from big brands to local boutiques and Thai kiosks selling clothing, art, souvenirs and anything else one can imagine. There’s another smaller supermarket located right in the heart of Chaweng shopping area – Tops market. It’s a nice store that sells many western food brands and some local products. Alongside with the existing shopping, the Central Shopping plaza is being built and it will be finished before summer of 2014.


Tops Market

Chaweng 04

Chaweng Plaza

Chaweng 03

Chaweng 02

Chaweng 01


Similar to Chaweng, there are shopping strips in Nathon (West coast of Koh Samui) and Lamai (South East side of the island). Both of these locations offer Tesco Lotus supermarket. The one in Nathon is the smallest.

One of the favourite shopping destinations on the island is Fisherman’s Village in Bophut. Plenty of nice boutiques offer production of local designers. Fisherman’s Village has a reputation of a more refined destination with a verity of gourmet restaurants and coffee houses along the strip. Once a week the strip and a few connecting streets turn into a Walking street, where no vehicles are allowed for a 5-11 pm period. The idea was initiated in Nathon a few years ago and now is being carried out in Nathon, Maenam (THursday) and Fisherman’s Village in Bophut (Friday), by popular demand and with great success. It attracts not only the tourists, but locals and expats as well.

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